smart holdings

SMART HOLDINGS Administers corporate strategies, business administration, provide professional services, promote a long-term and stable growth strategies, and effective allocation of management resources.


SMArt scape

Smart Scape is expanding the business with INFORMATION GRAPHICS TECHNOLOGY as a core technology, such as information system development for manufacturing industry / large scale business system development / application development making full use of 3D and solution sales / proposal and creation of digital communication and creative focused on user experience / application development for next generation on-vehicle terminal devices / environmental and service development for smart devices, etc


smart engineer

Our company support customers who is challenging to the whole world with providing a business utilization of engineering data using CAD and CG, operation and management of information infrastructure. Data and services created by excellent IT technology play an important part of design of domestic and overseas, a design, and from production to sales support.


smart implement

Our main business is system development of hybrid powertrain control, driving support control, and information communication in the electronic technical field, which attracting particular attention in the automotive development; and development of software platform which becomes a basis of these. We are actively working on accumulate expertise and business know-hows in a wide range of business from research and product development.